About Us

Founded in 1974, our parent company (www.trwurster.com) has spent half a century specializing in bespoke structures. Having collaborated with world-class designers and the finest craftsmen in Los Angeles for decades, our exposure and awareness of materiality and luxury. This experience has informed our taste and style tendencies while raising awareness of innovative design, and our appreciation of art expressed not only in common artistic mediums, but also within exceptional buildings which in themselves are an expression of art.

This experience has led us on a quest of distinctive excellence in design, and this goal provided us with the reason to create the Solution 7 platform. Within Solution 7 we present objects of unique beauty many of which also provide function. Rather than simply imitating that which is already available, our catalog presents both familiar and unfamiliar concepts in building materials and fixtures with a delicate spin, we also present both timeless and innovative fine art and furnishings. It is our hope that our collection helps you find ways to transform your space from ordinary to extraordinary!