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Bram VAN VELDE Lithograph Original, 1975

Bram VAN VELDE Lithograph Original, 1975

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This Bram Van Velde original lithograph, crafted in 1975, stands as a vibrant testament to his abstract expressionist mastery. Measuring 55.8 x 38 cm and expertly printed on fine wove paper, it was produced at the renowned Ateliers de L'imprimerie Arte, overseen by Adrien Maeght in November 1975. This piece strikingly captures Van Velde's signature style, marked by a harmonious interplay of abstract forms and a bold color palette.

Beautifully framed in a 32 x 24 inch setting, the artwork's presentation underscores its aesthetic appeal, making it a captivating focal point. It is a tangible piece of the abstract expressionist legacy, offering a unique window into Van Velde's artistic vision, and is a cherished addition to any discerning art collection.

Professional custom cut and sized frame. Solid wood moulding, Crescent™ Acid Free Museum Rag Mat™ + acid free backing and TruVu™ UV Protection Anti Glare Museum™ Glass for the preservation and protection of your artwork.

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