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Le CORBUSIER Limited Edition Lithograph "Still Life with Guitar" SIGNED

Le CORBUSIER Limited Edition Lithograph "Still Life with Guitar" SIGNED

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This limited edition Le Corbusier lithograph, titled "Nature morte à la guitare" (Still Life on the Guitar), is a distinguished piece reflecting the architectural and artistic brilliance of Le Corbusier. With a plate size of 25.4 x 20.5 cm, and elegantly framed at 20 x 18 inches, the lithograph is a refined representation of Le Corbusier's multifaceted talents.

Produced on the presses of Albert Morance in Paris, this work is signed in the matrix by Le Corbusier under his birth name, "Jeanneret." It originated from Le Corbusier's Pavilion des Temps Nouveaux at the 1937 Paris Exposition, a significant event showcasing modernist ideals.

This artwork transcends mere visual appeal, embodying Le Corbusier's innovative approach to blending art and architecture. It captures the essence of his style—geometric, abstract, yet deeply rooted in reality. As a collector's item, it offers not just a slice of art history but a connection to one of the 20th century's most influential architects and artists, making it a prestigious addition to any collection.

Professional custom cut and sized frame. Solid wood moulding, Crescent™ Acid Free Museum Rag Mat™ + acid free backing and TruVu™ UV Protection Anti Glare Museum™ Glass for the preservation and protection of your artwork.

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