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Pablo PICASSO "Turkish Woman" Lithograph Limited Edition n°332

Pablo PICASSO "Turkish Woman" Lithograph Limited Edition n°332

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This limited edition lithograph titled "Turkish Woman," numbered 332, is a remarkable creation by Pablo Picasso. It represents a fusion of Picasso's unique artistic vision and cultural exploration. The lithograph portrays a Turkish woman, capturing her essence through Picasso's iconic abstract style, characterized by fluid lines and evocative forms. This piece stands out for its ability to convey depth and emotion, showcasing Picasso's mastery in transforming simple representations into profound artistic expressions.

Printed on high-quality paper, the artwork measures with precision, and each detail is a testament to Picasso's unparalleled skill. The lithograph's limited edition status, marked by its specific number, elevates its exclusivity and desirability among collectors and art enthusiasts. Owning this lithograph is not just an acquisition of art but an immersion into Picasso's diverse and influential artistic legacy.

Professional custom cut and sized frame. Solid wood moulding, Crescent™ Acid Free Museum Rag Mat™ + acid free backing and TruVu™ UV Protection Anti Glare Museum™ Glass for the preservation and protection of your artwork.

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