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Wassily KANDINSKY Limited Edition Lithograph

Wassily KANDINSKY Limited Edition Lithograph

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This exquisite Wassily Kandinsky lithograph, crafted on premium woven paper, is a prime example of his abstract expressionist style. Originating from the renowned Fernand Mourlot studio in Paris in 1965, it measures 27.9 x 38 cm, offering an intimate window into Kandinsky's complex and intricate design. The artwork showcases Kandinsky's iconic abstract elements, including geometric shapes, fluid lines, and striking color contrasts, which harmoniously blend to convey deep emotion and dynamic motion.

Presented in an elegant 17 x 21-inch frame, the lithograph's overall impact is visually enhanced while its integrity is preserved. The frame's design thoughtfully complements the artwork. Authenticated by Kandinsky's signature and date, it represents a direct link to his artistic legacy, making it not just art, but a cherished collector's item and a testament to Kandinsky's profound influence on modern art.

Professional custom cut and sized frame. Solid wood moulding, Crescent™ Acid Free Museum Rag Mat™ + acid free backing and TruVu™ UV Protection Anti Glare Museum™ Glass for the preservation and protection of your artwork.

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